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Carly Patterson Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Carly Patterson Fans

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Carly Patterson Interview [31 Dec 2006|04:43pm]

Recently my online magazine, Starry Constellation Magazine, conducted an interview with Carly. If you'd like to check out our interview, please click the link below:

Carly Patterson

If you know of any sites or forums to post this link, please feel free to post it up. However, we prefer that you do not post up the content from our interviews. If you want to post something, please post the link.
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Hilton Skating and Gymnastics Show [22 Jan 2006|07:38pm]

Did anyone else see Carly today on the Hilton Skating and Gymnastics show?? I'm not sure if it was the first time it aired btu i stumbled upon it and was very excited to see another performance by her. She did a few small beam routines and some work on floor. It was nice to watch, nothing that looked to difficult, but i don't kno a lot about gymnastics routines and difficulty. IT was all to music and very nice.

anyone know when she will be in anymroe televised competitions??
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Thank You All [22 Oct 2005|11:33am]

Thank you to all of you who have tried to bring this community back to life. I'm glad to see there are still some people who care about Carly :)

If you know of any new news or have any icons, graphics, pics, etc, to post, please do...

Let's keep this community going strong.

Your Mod,
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AMAZED! [09 Oct 2005|06:27am]

Okay,I went to the performance tonight.It was amazing!

Carly was great!

But the ones who amazed me the most were the men! Paul and Morgen have gotten so good.It was such a good performance,and there are a bunch a really good new comers.I didnt get a autograph or anything,but I did get pics.Hopefully they will look good after I get them developed.In case you dont know what Im talking about,see the entry below this one.

It was basically a gymnists routine with dance to music.Man it was good.They used popular music like from usher,britney spears,ashlee simpson and other songs.

I just loved it!

One quick request,does anyone have a good picture of Paul and Morgen doing their straddle spilts?Or normal splits?

Even if its just one in the pic please post it!But I would really love it if there was a pic with both of them in it.
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Carly to Release Autobiography [01 Oct 2005|09:39am]

Another Carly book is coming out soon. It's called "Carly Patterson: Be Strong" and will be released on November 30. This book is written by Carly and be likely include some exclusive information and pictures. It's currently pre-selling for around $10-12 and is a hardcover book.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I think it can be ordered at Amazon, i'm not sure where else though.

credit: carlypattersononline.com
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Carly is Performing Next Saturday! [28 Sep 2005|05:10am]

I hear alot of people asking whether or not she is performing anymore,well next saturday my lovlies,she is!And im going! Got any questions?lol
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[16 Aug 2005|04:33pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So, what's up with Carly's gymnastics career? I notice that she hasn't been participating in any competitions really and I was just wondering if she's planning on returning to gymnastics. I don't think she would retire now considering the fact that she's been so successful, but I was just wondering what was going on. :)

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Championships reminder! [08 Aug 2005|08:41pm]

Let's not forget that Carly Patterson will be competing this weekend at the 2005 Visa National Championships. ^_^ On a side note, so will Dominique Moceanu. O.O

~*~ thefaeway ~*~
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Carly Icons [20 Jan 2005|07:00pm]

I made a set of Icons of Carly!
5 of CarlyCollapse )
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Reply from Carly [05 Jan 2005|09:13am]

Hey, everyone.

Yes, I'm online at 9am when I shouldn't be, because I'm home sick. However, I'm online to check my homework assignments and yada yada yada. So, I figured I'd update you with my exciting news:

I wrote to Carly the second or third week in December and got a reply yesterday. I'd sent her a photo that I printed off her official website for her to sign & she signed it in silver ink and mailed it back in my SASE.

Just thought I should let y'all know!
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Hi [30 Dec 2004|07:21pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hi, my name is Sarah. I just joined this community. Carly is not my favorite gymnast personally but I think she's really awesome! :) I like to watch her gymnastics and I'm excited for her with all the success she has had at and since the Olympics.

I have some Carly icons. I didn't make them myself, they're by that_crackhead. I requested a bunch of gymnastics icons and a couple of them were of Carly. Here they are- I'm going to post them all, not just the ones of Carly. :)

Carly + random gymn onesCollapse )

I've been a gymnastics fan my whole life! My favorite gymansts are Pavs, Andreea, and LiliPod, but like I said I love watching Carly too! She's awesome. :) (Hopefully it'll still be okay that I'm not a diehard Carly fan and in this community...haha). I have a Carly poster on my wall, though, and the Wheaties box, how's that for ya? lol

Well anyways I hope to have fun in this community! I love talking about Carly and having any gymnastics-related discussion!


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question. [28 Dec 2004|03:00am]

hi! i'm from southern california (around LA) and was just wondering.. do any of you guys know if carly will make an appearance in this year's Tournament of Roses Parade this coming saturday (new years day)?? i thought i heard something about it, but i might be wrong. maybe some of you other southern california people know? i'm planning on going to watch it LIVE this year, so i just want to know if i should keep an eye out for her. i met her at the TJ maxx show, and i'd really love to see her again! she's aaawwweeesssoommmeee! haha okay. thanks! =)
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Carly Appearances [22 Dec 2004|11:16pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey, everyone!

First off, Merry Chrismahkwanzakah!!! ^^

There are 3 Carly Appearances coming up fairly soon, so here they are:

· Brian Boitanio Skating Spectacular: January 1 at 4PM (NBC)
· ESPN Top 100: January 3 at 8PM
· Carly Patterson: Life After Gold (repeat) January 22 (NBC)
Note: All times are eastern standard.

Mark those down on your calendars!!!

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[17 Dec 2004|10:43am]

-please come join! we need more members!

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New gym message board [15 Dec 2004|12:07pm]
New message board about gymnastics!

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Carly Appearance [04 Dec 2004|12:04pm]
Carly will be on "The Jane Pauley Show" along with Mary Lou Retton and other gymnasts on Wednesday, December 8th. The show is on NBC at 11 AM (central time). Just thought I'd pass that along. :)
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[01 Dec 2004|10:41pm]

Hey I made a colorbarCollapse )
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In loving memory Dani Cho. [29 Nov 2004|11:03pm]

This is rather off topic, but...

I found out Saturday that a girl I used to be really good friends with was killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving day. And I was just numb all weekend. It didn't hit me until today.

This morning, my phys ed teacher read the announcement that all first hour teachers had to read. Here's the only part I remember:

We regret to inform you of the deaths of your classmates, Hann Cho, Senior, and Dani Cho, Sophomore. Deaths occured in a car accident in Wisconsin.

I started crying then and there.

Then, in computers, I read the article about their deaths on the newspaper website, and the second their pictures popped up on the screen, I started crying all over again. And I cried until about half way through english.

Finally, in Spanish, it really hit me again, and I had to take a fifteen minute bathroom break to just cry it out again.

I didn't even know Dani that well, but its just awful that she's dead. Why Dani? Why do the good people always have to die young!?

I miss her so much!!!!

In loving memory of Dani Cho. I'll never forget you, Dani.
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[25 Nov 2004|05:08pm]

new carly pictures + 4 day weekend = new carly iconsCollapse )
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[25 Nov 2004|01:03pm]


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