Sara (rosesdielikeyou) wrote in carly_patterson,

In loving memory Dani Cho.

This is rather off topic, but...

I found out Saturday that a girl I used to be really good friends with was killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving day. And I was just numb all weekend. It didn't hit me until today.

This morning, my phys ed teacher read the announcement that all first hour teachers had to read. Here's the only part I remember:

We regret to inform you of the deaths of your classmates, Hann Cho, Senior, and Dani Cho, Sophomore. Deaths occured in a car accident in Wisconsin.

I started crying then and there.

Then, in computers, I read the article about their deaths on the newspaper website, and the second their pictures popped up on the screen, I started crying all over again. And I cried until about half way through english.

Finally, in Spanish, it really hit me again, and I had to take a fifteen minute bathroom break to just cry it out again.

I didn't even know Dani that well, but its just awful that she's dead. Why Dani? Why do the good people always have to die young!?

I miss her so much!!!!

In loving memory of Dani Cho. I'll never forget you, Dani.
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