Jessica (jojobear99) wrote in carly_patterson,

Carly Icons

I made a set of Icons of Carly!

feel free to claim these or customize them! though I do love comments, and do take requests :)

I don't know if any of you are fans of other woman's gymnasts too, but if you are, I did actually make some icons of other gymnasts as well :)
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I like them. Preeeeeeetty. I made enough gymnastics icons to last a lifetime =)
Nice. Not taking any, just wanted to compliment. :)
Are you acrolinz's sister? She showed me your gymnastics icons, I think they are great and I snagged a few! :D
yep, I am :)
may use in future.
im gonna take like 2 lol thanks! i don really know how to like give credit or w.e but shure!
You credit on the user icons page where you also upload your pics.
please add me?! I met carly last week in columbus ohio at the arnold classic... i was there for the cheerleading competition but saw her with her mom and got a pic. with her and my friends... she was so nice, so, i decided to join... thanks :)
shes got a hell of a body
Cute! They're very good graphics. Well done =)