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carly_patterson's Journal

Carly Patterson Fans
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Hey, welcome to the first community dedicated to Carly Patterson.

First off: A few rules.

1) You can post almost anything here, except pimp your own un-gymnastics related community. Also, please keep community promotion to a minimum. That's not what this community was made for at all. As of 4:48pm on August 22, 2004, all community promotion posts made will be deleted, no questions asked. There will be a promotion entry made soon, and the link will be posted here. The post in which this rule took effect is here.
2) Post all results behind an LJ cut; some people may not want to see scores before they see Carly compete
3) Post all pictures behind an LJ cut; I don't want a cluttered entries page.
4) If posting more than 3 avatars at one time, place them behind an LJ cut. You can have a few "previews" out, but place the rest behind an LJ cut.
5) Keep posts about other gymnasts to a minimum; this site was created for Carly, not for the whole US team.
6) Don't be rude to other people.
7) USE GOOD GRAMMER. Nobody wants to read a load of netspeak all the time. Netspeak includes: u, ur, w/e, n/m, cuz...and so on and so forth.
8) And, most importantly: Have fun!!!

Now for the Carly Patterson!Gymnastics is love color bar

Carly Patterson!Gymnastics is love.

How to do an LJ cut!
<*lj-cut text="insert your text"*>
just remove the asterisks (*)